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Discover how to have a destination wedding.

It's easier than you ever imagined!

Sítio CAD specialized in destination weddings.

Get married at the sítio CAD in Ilhabela

"Imagine yourself getting married outdoors, on top of the hill, with a stunning view of the sea and mountains, where love comes together with nature in a magical celebration."

Your Destination Wedding

Extend this magic for the weekend, taking advantage of the 7 houses on the site, at no extra cost, to make your wedding a unique experience for everyone.


A Touch of Glamour with Classic Cars

The bride and groom prepare for their wedding day with love and anticipation in the charming setting of the sítio CAD estate. The groom sets off for the beach in a stylish Kombi, while the bride glides down the streets in a convertible Beetle.

They hold their ceremony on the beach, and then return to the estate in the memorable Beetle, where they celebrate their love with a grand party.


The day after the wedding, they could do a trash the dress photo shoot with the classic cars, adding an extra touch of glamour to their special day.

Dream Reception

The reception hall is an extension of the garden, offering a flexible capacity, able to accommodate from 30 to 130 people in a harmonious way, perfectly adapting to the size of your group.


Make your wedding a truly special experience.


Book a technical visit now and start creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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Customization and Flexibility

Your wedding should represent your story.


For this, you have the flexibility to choose the suppliers, from our list or not, to make your dream wedding come true.


Our partners, trusted suppliers, will take care of every detail to ensure that your wedding is perfect in every aspect.

Spaces and Structure

We offer a variety of spaces to make your event unforgettable.

We have a tent for outdoor ceremony, a party hall, gardens with lounges and lookout tower, a garden with a campfire and hammocks, a bride's room, a groom's area, an industrial kitchen, gourmet areas with barbecues, a bar area and leisure areas, including a deck with a heated pool, a hot tub, a games room and much more.

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Our differentials

  • Extended rental hours: from Saturday at 9:00 AM to Sunday at 6:00 PM. In addition, we offer 7 houses, free of charge, for the bride and groom and close friends.

  • We provide furniture with eclectic and rustic chic style, together with our collection of decorative pieces. A decoration coordinator will be available to help you use the sítio CAD collection. We also have tents available for use. All spaces have basic ambient lighting.

  • We provide a list of local suppliers recommended and a coordinator to assist in the choice of these suppliers. In addition, an escort will be available during the Technical Visit. It is important to note that the list of suppliers does not imply any bond or obligation of the bride and groom with the suppliers recommended by us.

  • During the event, we offer two classic cars: a 1978 German Convertible Beetle and a Turquoise Stylish Kombi, which can be used as a backdrop for photographs.

  • Pre- and post-wedding cleaning.

  • During the event, we guarantee the cleaning of the toilets, providing toilet paper, liquid soap, toilet paper and cleaning products. We also clean the hall during the event.

  • In addition, we provide 24-hour security and security;

  • Wi-Fi connection, and

  • We are pet friendly.

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Marcos M. , married on 04/15/2023

5.0 stars in Service Quality, Response Time, Value for Money, and Flexibility


Isa and Rita - High Spirits / Happiness / Dedication

The place is beautiful, becoming even more complete with the dedication, high spirits and happiness of the owners. They are always looking for the best to make our day incredible, whether through good ideas, supplier tips or even with a team that is always very helpful. I highly recommend Sítio Cad.


Karina A. , married on 05/28/2022

5.0 stars in Service Quality, Response Time, Value for Money, and Flexibility 

More than I recommend


Rita and Isa are incredible, they welcomed us with great affection, since the first contact. When I dreamed of getting married on the beach, I thought it would be inaccessible, that it would never fit our budget... after a few messages via app, we visited a few places on the island, all very beautiful, but when we set foot on SitioCad, something touched our hearts. I could perfectly imagine our family and friends in those spaces. The preservation of nature, the detail of the chalets, the cleanliness, the groom's area, the hall for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready, the heated pool "the children had freedom and security to play around the site, interacting with the animals raised there", barbecues. Love in every detail, impeccable and unquestionable quality!


For those of you who are looking for a space to make that dream trip with the whole family and that allows you to build beautiful memories, this is the place! Regarding the ceremony, the space on the sand has a support chalet that is great for organizing the decoration and team of yes, it can also be an option for the groom and groomsmen to get ready... In the hall, beautiful furniture!


Accessibility for people with reduced mobility, industrial kitchen, lighting points, hammocks and sofas for those who want a break to rest but without missing the party. Everyone praised us and we already want to book a return just to rest and enjoy ourselves. Several guests want to come back with their families. Three details that are very striking to me... the girls negotiated to "fit our budget", the view of the panoramic chalet where I prepared for the ceremony is incredible, I felt a peace and being taken to the beach with the open-top beetle rsrs feeling the smell of the beach and the energy of the people is an unforgettable feeling. Girls, I wish you all the success and only joys, because you deserve it. Thanks - Ka and Alê

Marta & Fernando , married on 09/25/2021

5.0 stars in Service Quality, Response Time, Value for Money, and Flexibility 



Magical Place

Magical place, very well cared for by the owners Isa and Rita, two generous and professional women, who with a lot of love maintain the sítio cad.

It was 3 days in a family filled with love. What you will find at the site:

- Organization.

- Cleaning.

- An incredible furniture file.

- Several environments for your party.

- Leisure

- Lots of nature.

- Pet friendly

I would get married every year in this place.

Thank you, sítio cad.

Brasil e Chile.jpg
13-04-2019-CERIMONIA 13_edited.jpg

Patrick S. , married on 04/27/2019

5.0 stars in Service Quality, Response Time, Value for Money, and Flexibility


I got married at the site this weekend, from Friday to Sunday. I don't have words to thank the owners for how attentive, friendly, super-humorous, flexible and very competent they are in serving and welcoming all guests. They are great, Isa and Rita thank you very much for helping us make this day lighter. As for the site's dependencies, if you find a better word than perfect, you can use it because this place definitely deserves it. Everything in its proper place and working perfectly, the areas separated and prepared for each moment of the wedding, the chalets, the bridesmaids' room, the ceremony site, the party, the parking lot, the bathrooms, the kitchen, barbecue and all the furniture in an incredible harmony, all the details well thought out to meet all the needs of those who seek practicality, simplicity in a very elegant way, a very cozy environment and a contact with nature that only being there to understand.


The staff are very attentive to our requests and there is always a treat or extra kindness on the part of everyone, they always do beyond expectations.

Great value for money. Gratitude! sums it all up.

Aliani B. , married on 11/03/2018

5.0 stars in Service Quality, Response Time, Value for Money, and Flexibility.


I highly recommend Sítio Cad Ilhabela, SP


It is an incredible place, we and all our guests were very comfortable. The hot tub with a view of the sea was what relaxed everyone! LOL


The owners' kindness with the breakfast in the chalets, the cake made by them with the initials of our names. Every day is a surprise!

Our dogs were very well, at ease and, most importantly, loose

The macaws shone so much!


We just want to thank Isa and Rita for the welcome, support, competence and, above all, the kindness!

All our other suppliers felt welcomed to enchant our day even more! The industrial kitchen is extremely complete!


We recommend with our eyes closed to those who like nature, tranquility, a relaxed place, that can take your pet, comfort and quality in the details! Our wedding was inspired by the Celtic people, so Sítio Cad came like a glove for us, we married barefoot, with an incredible view of the sea and in the middle of a natural and welcoming environment!


Oh! Bride! A message for you! They prepare a magical corner for you to get ready! Get ready, because you will enjoy every second!


And for those who want to take wonderful photos on the beach the next day, you will have a fantastic opportunity!

trash the dress_edited.jpg

Questions & Answers

What is "Destination Wedding"? Do guests like them?

A destination wedding is a wedding that takes place in a location that is different from the couple's hometown.

Guests generally enjoy destination weddings, so it is important to give your guests plenty of notice so that they can plan their travel. With a little planning, a destination wedding can be a wonderful and memorable experience for both the couple and their guests.

Can I have a beach ceremony?

Yes, it is possible to have a beach ceremony.

We can organize everything with an extra cost, or on the beach without infrastructure or with our partner who is super structured to receive the ceremony.

Many couples choose to have the ceremony on the site, thus avoiding possible problems with sand in their shoes, especially the bride and bridesmaids, who want to wear special dresses and shoes, and the next day they do the TRASH THE DRESS rehearsal.

The couple has the opportunity to wear their wedding clothes again and enjoy a relaxed photo shoot on the beach, known as "Trash the dress", where everyone can walk barefoot and enjoy the natural landscape.

Can I rent the site without the houses?

The houses are a bonus, you are not obligated to use them.

We do not offer any meals or maid service.

All houses have a full kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a fenced balcony.

We believe that, for an event, the site should be for the exclusive use of the couple and their guests.

Sítio CAD Rental Hours?

The exclusive use of the sítio CAD is valid from 9am Saturday to 6pm Sunday. During this period, you and your guests will have total privacy and exclusive access to all the facilities and areas of the property to enjoy your event in a special and peaceful way.In addition, we accept dogs, providing the opportunity to bring your pet to enjoy the event with you.

Is the CAD site suitable for a small event, I only have 20 guests?

Sure! The sítio CAD is highly adaptable and perfect for intimate weddings with a small number of guests, from 20 to 130 people. Regardless of the size of your event, the sítio CAD offers a charming and structured environment to provide a memorable and cozy experience for you and your guests. Our team will be ready to help you customize the space to suit your needs and ensure that your wedding is perfect, regardless of the size of your guest list.

Is there a making of room for the bride and bridesmaids?

Yes, of course! At CAD Site, we offer a beautiful and exclusive room for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready. This room is designed to provide comfort and convenience, equipped with air conditioning and Wi-Fi to ensure a pleasant environment during the preparations. It is the perfect space for the bride and her bridesmaids to get ready in peace and style before the big moment of the wedding.

What decorative pieces are included in the rental?

In the sítio CAD rental, we include most of the decorative pieces that are displayed in the photographs of our presentation. We also provide an inventory with detailed photos of the pieces to help decorators plan and visualize the event decoration.

Party setup options: cake table, dance floor, etc.?

At sítio CAD, we offer flexibility in setting up the party according to the preferences of the bride and groom. You have the freedom to decide the layout of the party, including the arrangement of the cake table, dance floor and other relevant areas. Our team will be available to guide and assist in the organization, but the final choice is up to you.

What is included in the sítio CAD rental?

  • Coordination: Our coordination team will be available from the signing of the contract to the day of the event to assist and guide in all aspects related to the organization of the wedding.

  • Spaces and lighting: All the spaces of the site will be available, and they will have basic and romantic ambient lighting to create a cozy atmosphere.

  • Furniture and decoration: We offer rustic chic and eclectic furniture, as well as decorative pieces to complement the event decoration. A catalog will be available to help in the choice of items.

  • Security: A 24-hour security guard will be provided to ensure the tranquility and security of the site during the entire event.

  • Cleaning and maintenance: The CAD site team will be responsible for cleaning the bathrooms and the party room during the event, ensuring that the spaces are always clean and organized.

  • In addition, cleaning products, toilet paper, paper towels and hand soap will be available in all bathrooms of the site.

  • The 7 houses of the site without additional cost, to guarantee the exclusivity of your event.


These items and services aim to provide a complete and enjoyable experience for the bride and groom and their guests, with attention to detail and comfort in all aspects of the event.

What is not included?

  • Buffet: The food and beverage service, including the buffet;

  • Decorator: The floral and specific event decoration;

  • Celebrant: The celebrant;

  • Assessors and ceremonialists: The assessors and ceremonialists;

  • Photographers and videographers: The photographers and videographers;

  • DJ, bands: The DJ and bands;

  • Cake maker and confectionery: The cake maker and confectionery;

  • Drivers: Driver services are not included. If necessary, the bride and groom can hire external transport services for themselves or for their guests.

  • At sítio CAD, the following services are not included in the rental, giving the bride and groom the freedom to hire the suppliers on our list or not.

  • The sítio CAD can provide a list of recommended local suppliers if the bride and groom need it. In addition, a free day is offered to meet these suppliers, subject to the conditions mentioned in the catalog.

Do you have parking and a generator?

Yes, at sítio CAD, we offer two 24-hour monitored parking lots for your convenience.

The first is located within the site itself, and the second is available on the adjacent property.

As for the generator, it is not included in the site rental. Tenants have the option of hiring a generator separately, if necessary to ensure electrical power during the event.

Our team can provide recommendations and guidance on companies specializing in generator rental to make this process easier.


Is the sítio CAD located on the beach?

No, the sítio CAD is located on top of a hill, easily accessible and with a stunning view of Ilhabela.

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Sítio CAD

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